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The Investment Banking department of Al Rajhi Capital offers a complete range of strategic financial advisory services.

  1. Debt and equity structuring and arranging
  2. Extensive regional and international expertise
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  1. Ethical Practices : We fully understand the importance of strong ethical values across all of our business lines, which are tasked with delivering key fiduciary responsibilities. We are committed to winning and securing the ongoing trust of our clients by delivering innovative, responsible and accountable investment advice.
  2. Risk Management : We adhere to a rigorous risk management framework which ensures accountability to both regulators and investors via monitoring and reacting to market volatility, credit, and operational risks. Our products and services are structured to deliver superior risk-adjusted investment returns.
  3. Investment Technology : We provide professional investment advice driven by state of the art investment research tools and a highly experienced team. Our research reports provide investors with actionable insights based on the latest market news and trends as well as wider economic indicators to ensure that your investment decisions are based on timely and solid market intelligence.
  4. Regulatory Management : Our compliance committee sets clear investment criteria, which is regulated by various stakeholders including the Fund Board to ensure clients’ best interests are always being met. Investment strategies are evaluated regularly in addition to being benchmarked against our peer group to ensure optimal performance. Transparency and full disclosure are central to our role as a trusted adviser.