Al-Rajhi Bank concludes the Small Trader of Financial Awareness program

Graduation of 35 male and female entrepreneurs

Al Rajhi Bank concluded the Small Trader of Financial Awareness program, entitled “A Small Step towards Great Success and a Secure Future.” The training program was launched at the beginning of March and concluded on June 5 in Buraidah, Unayzah and Al-Rass in the Al-Qassim region. The bank held this initiative with generous support from the Emirate of Al-Qassim in collaboration with the regions’ Women Development Committee and participation of Qassim Chamber, Unayzah Chamber and Al-Rass Chamber.

The first initiative was held in Buraidah, and consisted of three sessions, each lasting three days, followed by two trade fairs through which the beneficiaries received hands-on training on commercial activities, mechanisms of buying and selling, and financial transactions.

The next training course was held in Unayzah and Al-Rass, and included a joint fair trade for the two governorates. Three months and 5,000 training hours later, the program concluded at an entrepreneur fair where 35 out of 55 students were able to graduate in entrepreneurship.

Al Rajhi Bank held and sponsored the Small Trader of Financial Awareness program for the second time as one of its social responsibility programs to increase financial awareness and help develop a culture of saving within the community.

These courses were available free of charge for many schools, associations and children of martyrs of duty. Additionally, a limited number of seats were allocated to the children of the bank’s employees in the Qassim region to attend and benefit from the program.

Since its establishment, the bank has continuously supported many projects dedicated to the benefit of society on all levels, including education, health, training and supporting charitable organizations focusing on sustainability.

Over the past five years, the bank has activated volunteer work in line with the Kingdom’s vision 2030 to hopefully reach one million volunteers.