Cash Deposit Machine


Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) provides the fastest, most secured, and optimum method for instant cash deposits, around the clock, without the need to visit the Bank’s branches.

The Client will be able to deposit cash notes into the Company’s accounts through a dedicated CDM installed in the Company’s premises, under full monitoring and supervision by the Bank.


Key Characteristics and Benefits

  • Takes up to 12,000 notes.
  • Cassettes can be configured based on your needs.
  • Secure & easy to use.
  • Instant deposit to your account.
  • Possibility of depositing into several accounts for each machine.
  • Manages a large number of users.
  • Accepts all cash denominations.
  • First bank in the Middle East to provide the CDM concept for corporate customers.
  • Al-Rajhi Bank is considered as a Market pioneer and leader with CDM’s distributed throughout the Kingdom – we can service remote locations due to Al Rajhi Bank’s extensive Cash Collections network.
  • More than 250 machines installed across the Kingdom.