Corporate Liquidity Management


  • A Cash consolidation tool to forecast and manage Corporate liquidity and help in calculating Investment Appetite.
  • Gain Visibility on your current and future cash positions.
  • Improve Cash Liquidity by Centralizing corporate treasury management.


Key Characteristics and Benefits

  • A holistic view of balances for cash decisions.
  • To churn up (activate) Idle balances.
  • STP at both client and bank side.
  • Holistic reporting of all accounts as part of the liquidity structure.
  • Ability to link external bank accounts as well as part of the liquidity structure.
  • No Integration required as this is part of Al Rajhi Business Banking Services.
  • Handles both sweeping and Cash Consolidation.
  • Displays an Overall snapshot of the corporate's current cash liquidity.
  • Automated payments between account including Subsidiary company accounts.
  • Best Liability garnering tool for Corporates.
  • Ability to execute on daily basis through six time windows a day with options of on demand execution as well.

Corporate Liquidity Management within Al Rajhi Business:

  • Create\Maintain Account Structures.
  • Setup Standing Instructions.
  • Add\Remove Accounts within the Structure.
  • Detailed Reports.
  • Overall Account Statements.
  • Setup Consolidation Structures.