Riyadh Season - Tasawaq Card

Riyadh Season - Tasawaq Card

Imagine More and Beyond Your Imagination in The Riyadh Season

With Riyadh Season, you can now maximize the joys of a special offers from Al Rajhi with our Riyadh Season Tasawaq Card, Credit, and Charge cards. You’ll also qualify for a draw for a chance to win One of the luxury cars during the festival period. Campaign starting from November 1st, 2021 until January 31st, 2022.

Get Exclusive Discounts and Offers on The Riyadh Season Zones Entry Tickets and Rides Through Riyadh Season app or TicketMX from 21-31 October 2021.

Terms and Conditions

Get and activate the card Through Al Rajhi Mobile Download Now

Features of Taswaq Cards

  • Earn 10,000 MOKAFAA welcome points by spending SAR 5,000 or more in the first 90 days from the card issuance date starting from 1 July 2021 and customer must:
    • Customer must be a registered member of MOKAFAA Program before the completion of the first 90 days from the cards issuance date.
    • Points will to be credited to the eligible cardholder within 30 Days after 3 Months from the card issuance date.
    • Cash withdrawals, funds transfer to current account, funds transfer to other e-wallets and reversals of POS/e-commerce spends will not be considered towards spend target achievement or transactions that have been refunded or canceled.
    • Customer’s respective Al Rajhi Card should be active at the time of additional points credit.
  • Top-up balance through Al Rajhi App or Almubasher online
  • Instant discounts
  • MOKAFA Program allows you to Earn 2 Points Per SAR 1 Domestic or International spend with Your Card.
  • More secure than Cash for travel (3D secure through: Verification process; One Time Password for online shopping)
  • “Visa Checkout” the easier pay online Service. Know More

The easier way to get an Al Rajhi Credit Card

If you already have an account with Al Rajhi Bank, you can easily apply for Al Rajhi Credit Cards through:

Al Rajhi Mobile App

Get and activate the card Through Al Rajhi Mobile Download Now

Al Mubasher Retail

  • Register and login to the Al Mubasher Retail service
  • Go to "Credit Cards"
  • Click on "Request for a new Card"
  • Enter the required information and apply electronically

In case of approval (conditions apply), the Credit Card will be sent to you anywhere directly via one of the carrier companies. To apply click here

Tele Sales team

If you have an account with Al Rajhi, simply fill in the form and our tele sales team will contact you shortly to complete you application. The form

Al Rajhi Bank branches

You are welcome to visit the nearest branch where you can get instant Credit Card issuance within 30 minutes. All you have to do is complete the relevant application form and submit it to the employee serving you. By obtaining Taswaq card, you will enjoy the benefits of multiple knowingly designed and effectively to guarantee you security, flexibility, and convenience they seek in your daily life.

Required Documents

  • An account with us, open an account
  • Copy of national ID/valid Iqama
  • Filled out the application form

+ Fees & Charges

Annual Membership Fee

SAR 115 Now Free for Life -Valid till January 31, 2022.  

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Cash Withdrawal "Al Rajhi ATM" SAR 75
Cash Withdrawal “Off Us” Is "off us" a real thing or is this cash withdrawals from banks other than Al Rajhi? SAR 75
Cash Withdrawal “Off Us” International SAR 75
Reissue/ Replacement Card SAR 50
Additional fee on non-Saudi Riyal (OIF) 2.75%
Wrong Chargeback SAR 50

Report a Lost or Stolen Card

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TOLL FREE WITHIN KSA+966 92000 5544

Alternatively ,Please follow steps outlined in :

Frequently Asked Questions:
Tasawaq Top Up Card
  • Where can I use Riyadh Season Tasawaq Card from Al Rajhi Bank?
    You can use Riyadh Season Tasawaq Card inside or outside the KSA for your purchases.
  • I do not have Riyadh Season Tasawaq Card, how can I apply to have one?
    You can apply for Riyadh Season Tasawaq Card by visiting the branch or through Al Mubasher.
  • Do I have to transfer my salary to ARB to have Riyadh Season Tasawaq Card issued?
    No, all you need is a current account at ARB and apply for Riyadh Season Tasawaq Card.
  • What is Riyadh Season Tasawaq Card?
    It is a limited edition of Tasawaq Prepaid card offering the cardholders special discounts and deals during the Riyadh Season period.
  • Are there any fees and charges of the Riyadh Season Tasawaq Card?
    There are no extra fees or charges for the Riyadh Season Card. Tasawaq Card fees and charges apply.
  • Will the card still be usable after the camping ends?
    Yes. You can still enjoy using the card after the campaign end and benefit of all its features.
  • Do I get any Mokafaa points against my Riyadh Season Tasawaq Card usage?
    Yes. 2 points for every SAR 1 spent.
  • My Tasawaq card design changed in the app and the website, Why?
    The design of all Tasawaq cards in the app and the website has been changed to Riyadh Season Tasawaq Card design to celebrate the Riyadh Season 2021.
  • Does Riyadh Season Tasawaq card qualify me for the special offers and promotions?
    You are part of the customer promotion to win the car prizes as per the eligibility. We will inform you regularly for any additional offers
  • Do I need to use my card to qualify for the car draw?
    Card usage qualifies you to get an additional chance of winning as you participate in the raffle once for every SAR 100 retail spent during the campaign period. You can get 2 more chances of winning by applying for our Credit Card. (Charge Card Excluded).
  • What are the eligible products for the consumer draw?
    All credit cards, charge cards, Tasawaq and Riyadh Season Tasawaq card
  • Do I need to activate my Credit Card once issued in order to qualify for the card draw?
  • Does this promotion include existing Tasawaq Cardholder?