Watani Flex

Financing for about to retire customers

Do you need a personal finance but have less than 5 years to retire? We have the perfect financing solution for you!

With Watani Flex Finance, you can now apply for a personal finance and avail financing up to the maximum tenor of five years*, to fulfill all your before and after retirement needs

Also, if you wish to get a direct response, please fill this easy online form and our representatives will get back to you.

Product Key Features:

  1. Fully Sharia compliant
  2. Finance Amount: Min. SAR 8,000; Max. SAR 2 Million
  3. Financing tenor of up to maximum five years
  4. Instant approval covering retirement period
  5. Instant disbursement
  6. Available in both Shares and Palladium
  7. Grace Period functionality to give customer flexibility upon retirement to arrange for transfer of pension to Al Rajhi Bank
  8. Step Down functionality to adjust customer installment post-retirement

More features of Watani "About to

  • Shariah Compliant

    Musawamah Principle

    All of our programs are approved and monitored by our Shariah Board.

  • Tenor Period

    Grace Period

    Financing tenor for a maximum of 5 years, with instant approval and disburesment. 

  • Convenient High Finance

    No Limits On Use Of Cash

    Watani "About to Retire" offers finance from SAR 8,000 up to SAR 2 Million.

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  • Eligibility & Criteria

Eligibility & Criteria

  • Minimum Salary Starting from SAR 2,000 (SAR 1,900 for retirees)
  • Maximum Customer Age: Civilians: 60 or retirement age (which ever comes earlier)Retirees: 65 Military: subject to their rank retirement age

Required Documents


  • Duly Filled Application form
  • Copy of Valid ID for Saudi National and Passport copy with valid IQAMA for Expats
  • Employment letter


Frequently Asked Questions:
Watani Flex
  • What is Watani “About to Retire”?
    Watani “About to Retire” was designed exclusively for customers nearing retirement who previously could only avail of Personal Finance depending on the number of years remaining to retirement. Watani “About to Retire” customers will now have access to financing up to the maximum tenor of five years, beyond their retirement age.This will be achieved by taking their current as well as expected pension incomes to calculate eligibility.
  • How is Watani “About to Retire” different from Watani and Watani Advance?
    Watani “About to Retire” is an enhancement to Watani and Watani Advance, and works in exactly the same way, with the only difference being that you will pay two different installments – at DBR of 33.33% during employment, and 25% upon retirement. There is a one month grace period provided upon retirement, to allow flexibility to arrange for the transfer of your pension to the bank.
  • How will the bank determine my pension income?
    Our system has been designed to automatically calculate your pension based on criteria provided by pension agencies PPA and GOSI. Alternatively, you may submit your pension certificate with your application, in which case the figure displayed in the certificate will be used to determine your eligibility.