Personal Accident

Ensuring the financial health of your employees

Group Personal Accident insurance can serve as the foundation for a well-rounded financial plan to help employees protect their family's from financial loss.

  1. Lump sum payment upon death or injury resulting from a covered accident
  2. Provides funds for unexpected costs
  3. Protects families from financial hardship

Standard exclusions of Personal Accident
Risks Coverage (Non-exhaustive):

  • Standard exclusions
    • Partial temporary disability
    • Pregnancy and childbirth
    • Any accident resulting of war, battle, foreign aggression, civil war, civil conflict coup, revolution, military authority, ionic radiation, radioactive contamination, fighting, clashes, civil disobedience, terrorist act, destruction due to terrorist organization, earthquake, volcanic eruption or any similar event
    • What results from any plane travel such as, on private airline, with the exception of paid carriage on a known specified airline in accordance with international airline regulations or lease service
    • During the military duty
    • What results from attempt of criminal act or terrorist attack
    • Any violation of Islamic legal rulings and Sahriah
    • Deliberate injury or suicide attempt
    • Alcohol consequences, drugs effect or any other forbidden mental effects substances
    • What results from AIDS or HIV
    • What results from the participation in dangerous sports or competitions
    • Any disease due to chronic or former illness
    • Any dangerous work or employment
    • Reaching the age of 65

How To Apply


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