What's New
  • October 19, 2021

    Al Rajhi Bank launched its new brand identity, shifting from being a leading bank in the region to enabling financial solutions in a way that meets the prosperous future of the people under the name “UNBANK THE BANK”.

    The bank announced that by launching the new identity, it goes beyond being a bank focused on providing banking products to a financial system led by its competent employees as financial advisors who design smart financial solutions directed towards understanding and empowering people to reach their full potential through comprehensive financial solutions quickly and easily.

    Mr. Walid Al Moqbel, bank CEO, said that the new identity is based on three core values: prosperity where we put our passion in business using the latest technologies to motivate our customers to adopt new opportunities; ease with which we provide easy and quick solutions to help customers make the best decisions with full confidence; and value where we understand the needs and encourage building relationships to solidify strong and solid bonds with our partners.

    The bank was keen that the new identity reflects its new strategy to become “beyond imagination” to build the best financial technologies for innovative and ambitious people.

    The bank has developed its logo to reflect its new strategy, as it is characterized by ease of use with more modern and daring colors and curves that fit the nature of the young society and the bank’s position as a Saudi international brand that is one of the largest in the region.

    The bank was keen to preserve the essence of its identity, which is distinguished by its heritage that extends back to more than six decades, which formed one of the pillars of the Saudi banking sector, and in the minds of the bank’s clients in the Kingdom and around the world, was associated with success, development and leadership in providing banking services and products to individuals and companies.

  • October 17, 2021

    As part of this year's social responsibility initiatives, Al Rajhi Bank implemented on the White Cane Safety Day, which takes place on October 15 of each year, the initiative, "We Can See You With Our Hearts" initiative.

    The initiative was implemented in 3 cities, Riyadh, Jeddah and Qassim, and the employees of those bank’s branches participated. They volunteered to visit the blind and get to know them. The bank’s employees tried the Dine in the Dark restaurant and the blind participated in this experience. At the end of the program, roses and gifts were distributed and reassurances were given to them.

    This initiative is an extension of the bank's efforts to support diverse and effective community programs and activities, and to increase cooperation and solidarity in business that serve the public interest. This initiative is one of the many programs that have been adopted throughout the year to serve most segments of society in all regions in the Kingdom.

    The volunteers expressed their happiness with this participation, as it enhances their relationship with the community and highlights the bank's social responsibility role.

    One of the volunteers during the experiment

    The world celebrates the White Cane every year on October 15, which is considered the symbol of the blind. This day aims to increase society's awareness and educate it about the need for the blind to use the white cane that represents their independence and self-reliance.

  • October 06, 2021

    Al Rajhi Bank has launched the financing product for local commodities in the Kingdom through a platform for its clients in the corporate sector, provided by Al-Nafais International Company, in a step that supports the national transformation programs and is in line with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision aimed at developing Islamic finance.

    The product meets the customers’ desire to provide local goods, which adds value to existing local products, and is in line with the Saudi Central Bank’s direction to localize products and increase the local content contained in the Financial Sector Development Document, which is one of the programs of Vision 2030.

    The product allows the customer to sell directly through the platform system or authorize the bank to sell in their behalf. It is expected to contribute to the organization and development of work mechanisms in the local commodity market, minimizing risks and reservations of random Tawarruq operations, which increases performance efficiency and provides protection for the transacting parties.

    The local commodity trading platform is characterized by several advantages, the most important of which is the completion of operations through a clearing unit independent of the seller and buyer and has direct authority over the goods, and the presence of an independent monitoring body to ensure the actual existence of goods and the safety of operations, and to prove the real ownership of goods by issuing documents legitimizing the clearing unit as an independent entity.

    The platform is committed to the concept of an open market, ensuring that there are no formalities. The product is based on a new and innovative concept, which is the transfer of goods traded in bank Murabaha operations to the open market and not to be closed between intermediaries, but to be a real market that supports the economy and achieves legitimacy in its dealings while eliminating the risks of price fluctuations, adopting the concept of a market maker that purchases goods when there is no buyer for them.

    Al Rajhi Bank, through the Corporate Banking Group, is keen on developing its corporate banking services to meet their aspirations in line with modern needs, which are constantly evolving and growing at a rapid pace with the help of a distinguished team that seeks to implement the concept of a comprehensive relationship with customers and serve them, in all fields.