Press Releases | 11/09/2022

Launching the Al Rajhi bank Program for Educational Orphans Care

Press Releases | 11/09/2022

Launching the Al Rajhi bank Program for Educational Orphans Care

Abdullah Al Rajhi: “100 male and female students are studying qualitative specializations in 20 universities across the Kingdom”

Implementing an academic preparation program for male and female students before they join universities


Nearly 100 male and female orphans enrolled in the Al Rajhi bank for Educational Orphan Care Program have begun their studies in private universities in the Kingdom after completing the academic preparation programs prepared for them and the tests that help them determine their professional tendencies and choose the appropriate specialization for their abilities.

On this occasion, Mr. Abdullah bin Sulaiman Al Rajhi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Rajhi bank, said, "We are happy to launch this sustainable social project on professional bases, as many helpful steps have been completed that contributed to determining our sons’ and daughters' professional tendencies and scientific paths appropriate to their abilities. The candidate's competence and the labor market needs were evaluated through a specialized academic body from the third sector, where the focus has been on specializations that serve the goals of the Kingdom's Vision 2030."

Mr. Al Rajhi explained that the number of students enrolled in the program is close to 100 male and female students registered in 20 Saudi private universities in various regions of the Kingdom. Their majors included Human Medicine, Pharmacy, Medical Sciences, Engineering, Aviation, Cybersecurity, Law, and Business Administration.

The Chairman concluded his statement by thanking and appreciating the bank's partners in implementing the program, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, and the Association for the Development of the Capacity of Secondary Graduates "Aded", wishing the male and female students’ excellence and success and achieving their scientific and practical goals to achieve their ambitions and serve the development of their country.

The program's inauguration ceremony took place last Wednesday, 7-9-2022, at Riyadh's King Salman Social Center. The inauguration also included a course for male and female students on writing their Resume, in the interest of the bank to provide them with the necessary skills during the period of their studies so that after graduation, they can engage in the labor market to be contributors to building their society and developing their country.

Al Rajhi bank announced in the middle of this year that it would guarantee tuition fees for the bachelor's level in private universities for all orphans in the Kingdom who couldn't get acceptance in public universities. This initiative comes as the most extensive and first social and educational initiative in the Kingdom for this category within the major social responsibility programs in the bank. These programs target sustainable programs and apply the highest standards of governance since the bank focuses on the health and education sectors, as they are among the pillars of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 and their direct contact with the various segments of society.

Al Rajhi bank was keen that the program be implemented by following the latest methodological methods in vocational guidance in the implementation of the project to ensure the achievement of the maximum benefit for male and female students by passing through four main stations that provide the selection of the male or female student for the specialization appropriate to his abilities and then follow-up throughout the study period until his graduation.

The orphan education initiative is an extension of Al Rajhi bank's societal contributions and within the sustainable support programs for educational programs. Al Rajhi bank previously supported the medical tower located within the endowments of King Saud University with an amount of 70 million riyals. It also donated a tower in the endowments of King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals with an amount of 20 million riyals, in addition to many other Community programs concerned with education.