Dividends Distribution

Dividends Distribution

Dividends Distribution

Dividend distribution service system is designed to assist the client in distributing profits to shareholders.

Dividends distribution service is provided to Saudi joint-stock companies. Dividends payments is efficiently distributed to beneficiaries inside & outside Al Rajhi Bank network through several distribution methods such as internal transfer, local banks transfer, Cheques and through Al Rajhi branches the largest branch network in the Kingdom.


Key Characteristics and Benefits:

  • Payments to account and/or non-account holders through branch counters (single and/or multiple).
  • alrajhi bank have +500 branches kingdom wide and largest number of account holders.
  • Convenient outstanding payment reconciliation.
  • Provision of historical payment data.
  • Updated shareholder records.
  • 24/7 service through the toll-free number.
  • Al Rajhi Bank is one of the leading Dividend Distributors efficiently distributing through Al Rajhi branches the largest branch network in the Kingdom..

Dividends Distribution Service within Al Rajhi Business:

View reports showing exact Dividend Distribution value payable to shareholders & archive of shareholder payouts (quarterly / annually) to show exact record paid / unpaid shareholders