Diamond Affluent

We Offer You What Suits Your Style

Diamond Affluent

We Offer You What Suits Your Style

We Offer You What Suits Your Style

Card Terms and Conditions

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Diamond Affluent

Highest Standards In Full Banking Services

alrajhi bank is honored to present you with the Diamond Affluent membership. Our exclusive services are tailored specially to your needs, offering you the highest standards in full-service Your Affluent membership entitles you to state-of-the-art, world-class services, with full access to the Bank whenever you please. Our banking experts are at your service to facilitate all of your requirements. All of our services are presented to you with precisely what your lifestyle expects.

diamond affluent membership benefits:

Standing Orders Service.

Centers To Receive Clients

Centers to serve Diamond client across our branches around the kingdom 

Standing Orders Service.

Relationship Manager

A dedicated relationship manager for all Diamond clients to fulfill all your banking needs.

Standing Orders Service.

Free Transaction Fees

Exemption from bank charges & Fees

Standing Orders Service.

mada "Signature" debit card

mada "Signature" debit card with Atheer service

Standing Orders Service.

Free Infinite Credit Card

Free Infinite credit card with supplementary credit cards for your family up to 5 cards.

Standing Orders Service.

High Daily Transfer & Purchases Limit

• Daily transfer limit through e-channels SR 500,000

• Up to SR 200,000 daily purchase limit through (SPAN)

• Cash deposit up to SR 200,000 through alrajhi ATMs

Standing Orders Service.

Free Special Cheque Book

Free Cheque books with special design for Diamond segment

Standing Orders Service.

24 Hour Phone Banking Services

24 hour phone banking services on 920005544

mada signature debit card features:

Because you are an exclusive client, Al Rajhi Bank would like to introduce you to the “mada Signature Card” for the diamond affluent account, bringing style and uniqueness into your life. The “mada Signature Card” invites you to a world of luxurious benefits by opening doors to amazing offers and rewards from all over the world.


Enjoy access at 1000 airport lounges globally through Lounge key program For more information, please visit , or call +0971 80004441054.

Receive special discounts on a number of your favorite restaurants in the Kingdom and around the world, with The ENTERTAINER to provide to buy  one get one free offer please visit ENTERTAINER 

Dining offers, privileges, discounts & culinary delights from selected world-class restaurants when you pay with your mada Card


With mada Signature card, you and your family will be covered for 90 days for multi-trip and rental car: For more detail please visit


Enjoy discount of up to 20% off retail rates for AlRajhi mada Platinum cards at over 450 


Extended Warranty Buyers Protection


Accepted at over 30 million local & international POS including 900,000 ATMS worldwide.

Near field Communication

Near-field Communication (NFC), madaPay, mada Atheer and Apple Pay services, make your payments by simply waving or tapping your card on the POS terminal.


Instant Notifications, A free service that sends you a notification messages to stay on the top of your finances with ease and convenience.

Extended Warranty

24/7 global Concierge services that can assist you with your needs flights bookings, hotels, car rental, and events tickets etc. Please call 8008912012 or +97143611234 to take advantage of this service.

Free protection

3D Secure, More secure than cash, 3D secure uses a verification process, one time password for online shopping and EMV chip to protect your information.

With Avis enjoy up to 35% off on car rentals.

Enjoy up to 25% off on stays at Jumeirah properties. You can also get up to 20% off on Jumerirah Dining offers

Packages of luxury hotel deals from Visa including exclusive benefits such as instant room upgrades, free breakfast, VIP treatment and more

Careem provides 2 free domestic airport transfer

Fees And Costs

Fees Fee Amount
Annual Fees Free
Issuance of ATM card for an account Free
ATM cash withdrawal / deposit Free
Use of mada cards at POS terminal by customers Free
Renewal of ATM card Free
Re-issuance of ATM cards for retained by an ATM Free
Naqad service (purchase with cash back) Free
 International ATM - Cash Withdrawal   SAR 25
 Re-issuance of ATM card (lost / damaged / 3 invalid password  SAR 30
 Balance inquiry on the International ATM  SAR 3.5



You can join Diamond membership either on the basis of your account balance with us or on the basis of your monthly salary:

Opening a new account with an amount of not less than  SAR 1 million (for new customers)
Or maintaining average balances of not less than SAR 500,000 for the last six months,
Or transferring a salary of not less than SAR 40,000

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Infinite Credit Card

Free Infinite Credit Card with supplementary credit cards for family (up to 5 cards) :

  • Access to airport VIP lounges over 1000 lounges
  • Visa signature Concierge service all over the world
  • Emergency assistance all over the world
  • Special Offers and discounts

Tutorial Videos

Tutorial Videos

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, you can easily do that through 0% Tasaheal Program (charge cards are excluded) and up to 4 installment plans per card, just choose the 3 or 6 months desired plan or from one of the selected merchants’ partners then contact alrajhi bank’s call center to execute your request.
Yes. A supplementary card can be issued to your family members upon your request.
Yes, card is secured by “Verified by VISA (VBV)” for online shopping & purchases you make.
Yes, you can enjoy access at over 1000 airport lounges globally though “Lounge Key” Program
You can view all transactions done with your card through AlRajhi Mobile or Al Mubasher-online banking.
A minimum 5% of your bill will be deducted automatically from your current account. However, you can pay any amount against your card bill online via Al Rajhi mobile app using “Advance Payment” option.
The card offers you lowest ever profit rate of 1.99% per month as a part of monthly Murabaha installment on your card. However, upon full payment of your outstanding amount on due date, full rebate equivalent to your installment will be credited into your card account. This way the impact of profit is void.
Upon receiving the card from the courier, you need to activate it by logging into Al-Rajhi Mobile App, Al Mubasher-online banking or by calling the call center on +966 920003344. Since this card is secured by “Chip & Pin” feature, you also need to setup your PIN code while activating your card.
The card is based on Murabaha financing wherein purchase and sale of commodity is consented by the customer for the issuance of the card.
The Card offered by Al Rajhi Bank is a fully sharia compliant Card based on Islamic principles and offer unparalleled benefits tailored to your needs.
You have to register for alrajhi bank or Al Mubasher-online banking services then your credit card will be listed automatically among your accounts in alrajhi bank app or Al Mubasher-online banking