Home Insurance: Priorities, Necessities and Hidden Benefits

December 13, 2017

Unlike car and health insurance, home insurance is not mandatory by most international and regional laws. Therefore, it is a common misunderstanding among owners, that home insurance is optional and not necessary. However, if you consider the amount of money you are investing in this place, you would know that you have a lot to lose in an unexpected and unfortunate event. This is why it is an absolute necessity to get home insurance.


When shopping for the best home insurance, you should know your priorities. While covering fire and theft incidents are basic services in all kind of policies. Your priority should be to provide an alternative housing for yourself and your family.

Alternative Accommodation

Before you even start calculating the cost of repairing your house in case of a fire or natural disasters, the first thing you need to do is provide an alternative roof for your family to stay under, until all the repairing work is done. Make sure your home insurance provides an alternative housing plan to cover the rental cost during the period you’re away from your home, whether you are the owner or just renting the place.

Disclaim Responsibility

If you are renting a house, you might think it is the owner’s responsibility to pay for maintenance. Well, not if you are putting the house at risk. If you are buying a home insurance policy for your rented house, make sure it covers any responsibilities you might hold during your stay.

Rental Income

If you are renting your house, you probably will not be paid during the repair period. Your insurance might not cover the losses as well, just make sure it is mentioned in your insurance policy.

Replacing Devices

Your home insurance should also cover the contents of your home. This includes the cost of fixing electronic appliances and replacing the damaged ones if they were irreparable. Make sure your policy says replacing or paying for a new replacement.

Valuable Items

Most Home insurance policies will not pay you enough to cover the loss of your valuable items, like jewelry, paintings and even large amounts of cash. This is why it is better to have a separate insurance for your valuables.

Insurance while Traveling

Your insurance should cover the periods when you are traveling out of the country, since your house is left alone to face a number of risks. Most home insurance policies, will cover up to 3 months, which will allow you peace of mind while out of the country.

Home Insurance Program from Al Rajhi Takaful offers coverage against any loss or damage that may occur in your house or to any of its contents or even to the building itself, in addition to the domestic house outbuildings and equipment, garage, fixed gas tanks, gates, pools, walls. The program offers you coverage against the following risks:

  • Fire, lightning, explosions, earthquakes
  • Damage of water overflowing from water tanks and equipment
  • Impact of vehicle or aircraft collision
  • Storms or floods
  • Riots, strikes and labor obligations
  • Costs of rental value and alternative accommodation

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