Current Account

From the comfort of your home

Current Account

From the comfort of your home

Without crossing the doorstep

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Current Accounts

From the comfort of your home

“You can easily open your current account at Al Rajhi bank via our website or our application. Current Accounts allows you to effectively manage your money in secure and easy way.

Our online banking channels allow you to access and manage your current account around the clock from anywhere in the world

alrajhi bank provides you with many services through your current account such as money transfer, issuing an ATM card (MADA) and many other advantages.”


Earn 1000 mokafaa Points when you open your current account through alrajhi bank app

Your current account enables you to easily complete internal, local and international transfers

Standing Orders Service.

Standing Orders Service:

A way for you to set up regular, fixed payments from Al Rajhi for the amount and time chosen by you.

Monthly statement in English or Arabic:

Your monthly statement provides full details on the previous month's transactions and your current account balance

SADAD services:

SADAD services allows you fulfill your bills and government payments via Al Rajhi application, ATMs, and Self-service machines

mada Card Features:


Accepted at over 30 million local & international POS including 900,000 ATMS worldwide.

Near field Communication

Near-field Communication (NFC), madaPay, mada Atheer and Apple Pay services, make your payments by simply waving or tapping your card on the POS terminal.


Instant Notifications, A free service that sends you a notification messages to stay on the top of your finances with ease and convenience.

More Benefits with Salary Transfer

Get more when you transfer your salary to your Al Rajhi Bank account 

Description Transfer Non Transfer
Less Finance Requirements
Personal Finance For all individua. Only for doctors & bankers.
Car Finance
Car Leas 0% Down Payment 5% Down Payment
Home Finance
Land Finance
Credit Cards

Terms and Conditions
Current Version:

Account type Reference number
Current Account - through Branch CA2021V1
Online - Current Account CAO2021V1
Additional Account CAA2021V1
Private Banking Account CAPV2021V1

Previous Version:

 Account type Reference number
Current account - through branch CA2019V1
Online - current account CAO2019V1

Future Account

The Future Account is a saving plan account in accordance with Islamic Sharia in which the customer sets a monthly amount automatically deducted from the customer's current account, and the system calculates the expected profits based on the savings period.


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