A prepaid Digital Card that enables you to make all your purchases at points of sale or online and gives you automatic cashback on all your domestic and international purchases with the most rewarding cashback card.

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Digital Card




  • FREE for Life card
  • 0.6 % Cashback on Domestic Spend
  • 1 % Cashback on International Spend
  • Unlimited Cashback with no CAP
  • Instant card issuance through Al Rajhi mobile app and add it to Apple Pay for immediate use
  • Enhanced Digital Card Mobile App features for Cashback tracking
  • Cashback credit notifications for card holders
  • Cashback will be added to the card account automatically without the need to call the bank
  • Applicable to existing and new customers



Example for the Cashback calculation of the domestic and international transactions:

Transaction Type Cashback % Spend Transaction Calculation the value of Cashback  Cashback value  
Domestic 0.6% SAR 1,000 SAR 1,000 * 0.6% SAR 6
International 1% USD 300 USD 300* SAR3.75= SAR 1,125 Add forex exchange fee SAR 1,125* 2.75%= SAR 1,155.93 SAR 1,155.93 * 1% SAR 11.55


You will start earning cashback on Your Digital Card. If you wish to earn Mokafaa points on what you spend, please apply for a Tasawaq card today.

  • Existing account with Al Rajhi Bank.
  • To be 18 years old and above.

Terms and Conditions

  • Get and activate the card Through alrajhi bank app Download Now

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Type of Fee Fee Value
Issuance fees Free
Annual fees Free
Card Replacement Fee Free
Forex exchange 2.75%

Report a Lost or Stolen Card

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TOLL FREE WITHIN KSA +966 92000 5544

Alternatively ,Please follow steps outlined in :

Frequently Asked Questions:
Cashback Prepaid Card
  • How do I apply?
    You can apply through Al Rajhi Mobile App
  • Do I have to have a current account with Al Rajhi?
  • Who is eligible for Cashback Digital Card?
    Anyone who has Al Rajhi current account is eligible to apply for the product
  • What are the annual fees?
    No fees. It is a free for life card
  • How do I activate it?
    Through our mobile banking app. View cards, click on activate and step up your PIN.
  • How do I use my digital card?
    Through the electronic wallet via the mobile phone or directly through the websites by using card details.
  • How can I earn cash back?
    You can earn cashback on your domestic and international spends
  • How much is the cashback percentage per transaction?
    • 0.6% Cashback on domestic spend
    • 1% Cashback on international spend
  • How is the Cashback calculated?
    • For domestic transactions it is 0.6%, for example if you spend 1,000 SAR, you will earn 6 SAR. 
    • For international transaction it is 1%, for example if you spend 300 USD, and the equivalent amount in card currency = USD 300 * 3.75= 1,125 SAR adding 2.75% forex exchange fee = 1,155.93 * 1% = 11.55
    • How is the cashback calculated?
      • For domestic transaction it is 0.6%, for example if the transaction amount is 100 SAR, you will earn 0.6 SAR.
      • For international transaction it is 1%, for example you buy something worth 5 USD, and the equivalent amount in card currency = USD 5 * 3.75= 18.75 then 18.75*1% = 0.19 SAR.
    • When does the cashback appear in my card account statement?
      After the transaction is settled by merchant which might take 2 to 7 days from the transaction date
    • Can I use the cashback amount immediately after receiving it?
    • Is there any expiry for my cashback balance?
    • Can I earn cashback on SADAD?
    • Is my personal information shared with merchants?
      No, Al Rajhi doesn’t share your personal information with merchants.
    • What do I do if my card is expires?
      Card will be automatically renewed a month prior expiration date.
    • Can I continue to receive Mokafaa points?
      No. You will only earn cashback on Digital card but you can take Tasawaq card if you would like to enjoy Mokafaa points