We will meet all of your daily banking needs.


We will meet all of your daily banking needs.

We at Al Rajhi Bank understand that each of our customers has unique daily banking requirements and that is why we continually strive to offer products and services that exceed the needs of our valued clientele.

Explore our wide range of daily banking products


Dependent Account

It is an electronic service that allows the existing customers (parents only) to open a current account for his children with limited privileges using the alrajhi bank app. The age of eligibility is from the date of birth till the age of 15.

Family Account

It is a free service for all customers, the family account service allows the opening of branching accounts from the main account of the followers, through the application of Al Rajhi Bank, as well as enables the service "Family Account" to transfer, monitor, control and manage the family budget with ease and ease.

Awaad Account

Awaeed is an investment product dedicated to help Alrajhi customers to reach their financial goals and increase their capital in investment on the short and med terms with almost non-risky investment.

Hassad Account

It is a savings account that is Mudaraba-centric. It is compliant with the provisions of Islamic Sharia where the bank allows the customer the flexibility in withdrawing and depositing from this account and conducting other banking services in accordance to the terms and conditions.

Future Account

The Future Account is a saving plan account in accordance with Islamic Sharia in which the customer sets a monthly amount automatically deducted from the customer's current account, and the system calculates the expected profits based on the savings period.

Million Account

The Million Account is a savings account that allows new and existing customers to save money and win big prizes and rewards. Deposit at least 1,000 SAR to enter a draw that could win you 1,000,000 SAR within an 8-week period. You also have the chance to win 10,000 SAR every week.


Instant Discounts

Enjoy a range of offers and discounts, from a number of our partner brands and stores.


At over 30 million local & international POS including 900,000 ATMS worldwide.

Near-field Communication (NFC)

madaPay, mada Atheer and Apple Pay services, make your payments by simply waving or tapping your card on the POS terminal.

Instant Notifications

A free service that sends you a notification messages to stay on the top of your finances with ease and convenience.

3D Secure

More secure than cash, 3D secure uses a verification process, one time password for online shopping and EMV chip to protect your information.

Standing Orders Services

It is an order or set of orders scheduled by the customer specifying a specific amount and date in which the monthly deduction is made in favor of the added beneficiary without the need to access the electronic channels to complete the transfer process or visit the branch.

Watch the Savings add up

Select typical weekly Purchases to Calculate your savings

Coffee Shops
19.6 SAR
Gas Stations
110.5 SAR
763.7 SAR
29.3 SAR
75.6 SAR
350.8 SAR

Total savings within a week = SAR

Total savings within a year = SAR

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, but you must visit the branch with the authorized person to sign a delegation of authority form to allow the delegated person access to your safe deposit box.
Yes you can register through the bank's website
  • Log in to Al Mubasher Retail Your personal IBAN will appear on your account statement next to your original account number
  • Update your mobile number through the mailing address menu at any Al Rajhi ATM. You will then receive an SMS that contains your IBAN.
  • You will find your IBAN on all your account statements sent from the bank.
You should visit your rented box at least once a year.
It is a direct payment process where the payment is deducted from the client's account directly upon completion of the purchase, and the amount is deposited in the Merchant's account.
If a customer wishes to renew their contract, the system will automatically collect due fees. However, if a customer does not wish to renew the contract they must return key/s given at rental, empty the safe deposit box and sign an end of contract form.
Provide an electronic channel enables the Saudi and/or expats (after verification of identity through Al Rajhi Bank ) to access and manager the MOI services related to Passports department, and the Agency for Civil Affairs and the General Traffic Department Now You Can verify your personal information through Al Rajhi Bank to complete the registration process in the MOI e-services portal of the Ministry of Interior with ease.

The verification is for free and can be done through Easy steps to register through Phone banking and /or Al Rajhi ATM No need to visit the nearest activation office for MOI as the bank will verify your information This service is free All you need is to register for phone Banking and have an active debit card.
Provides a centralized system for bill payment services enjoy the confidence and flexibility, through the link between banks and Connected Billers so that gives you the ability to pay your bills and payments through various banking channels at any time.
A safe-deposit box is a good place to store anything valuable that you don’t need access to regularly or wouldn’t need suddenly in an emergency e.g. Stamp or coin collections, Jewelry or rare collectibles, gold and silver bars, precious gems and stones, important contracts and business papers.
A safe deposit box is a storage facility that allows customers to safe keep valuable or important possessions inside locked box in a secure area in selected Al Rajhi bank branch.
The authorized person must maintain an active current account r with Al Rajhi bank. To access the authorized box they must possess the safe deposit key.
Visit the branch and report the lost key. The bank will then set an appointment for you to attend when the lock will be broken and replaced.
You may access your safe deposit box at any time during normal working hours.