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We serve all your operating cycle & commercial obligations

Global Trade & Supply Chain

We serve all your operating cycle & commercial obligations

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Stay connected... eTrade gives you access to the following services:

  • Letters of credit.
  • Export and import documentary collections.
  • Letters of guarantee.
  • Shipping letters of guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions:

A letter of credits, sometimes referred to as a documentary credit, it guarantees the payment from a purchaser to a seller. Letters of credit help ease the concern from the seller that he is paid for goods or services, you are most likely to use a letter of credit when you or your business is involved in an international transaction, since those transactions typically involve unfamiliar parties and have to pass through several different customs checks.
It is used to secure payment for the seller and protects buyer by evidencing goods have been shipped/transported.
Export finance reduces your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and enhances financial ratios. You can utilize export finance to increase sales volumes by extending deferred payments to your customers and avoiding affecting your financial ratios through export finance.
If you are having an export LC with a deferred payment or acceptance condition advised through Alrajhi bank as an advising bank, you can opt for an export finance to expedite the payment of the export LC through Alrajhi bank. You can visit any regional trade eservices center for apply for export finance.
By Trade Automation notifications service , we will notify you through the system automatically when we receive new documents by, SMS, FAX , E-mail ,Also you can track the status of your documents through our website, in order to use this service, you need to enter the tracking number.
If you need to make changes to your letter of credit, please contact your buyer directly. They will then ask the issuing bank to make the changes. Upon receipt of the amendments, we’ll contact you via phone, fax or email .
It varies based on the issuing bank risk and the issuing bank country risk determined by the financial institutions department at the time of asking for LC confirmation.
An LC is an international means of payment used to settle buying or selling under a contract upon fulfilment of contractual obligations making it a payment instrument , an SBLC is a guarantee ( of payment ) that is called upon when ordering party is unable to fulfill its contractual obligations making it a default instrument.
The banks have no labiality in case of non – payment / non- performance under documentary collection, whereas under LC, the issuing bank must pay if documents are clean.
Uniform customs and practices for documentary credits ( ICC publication 500 ).
The Uniform customs and practice for Documentary credits ( UCP ) is a set of recognized and internationally accepted rules for documentary credits published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in Paris, France, these rules are used in the international trade community for determining the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in Letter of Credit, including Standby Letters of credit , where the letter Credit expressly stipulate that it subject to the UCP.
Having an export letter of credit confirmed eliminates the credit risk of the issuing bank and country risk of the importers country.