Make Your Dreams Come True


Make Your Dreams Come True

Car Finance Solutions

alrajhi bank offers one stop shop for your auto financing needs by not only offering you auto financing & Car Leasing solutions but you can also select cars from a wide range of variety available on alrajhi bank app from the comfort of your home & sign your contracts digitally without the need to visit any alrajhi bank branches. Our customer friendly Sales team can also arrange any car of your choice from the market and assist you through the journey.


Leasing Product

A product that offers customers facilities that allow them to buy a new car through deferred monthly installments. The new vehicle would be under the ownership of Al Rajhi Bank and then leased to the customer upon receiving his signature. The customer receives a "car rental contract" in exchange for a monthly payment for a specified period agreed upon by both parties. The vehicle is owned by the bank until the customer pays the full amount owed. Detailed in the agreed contract include specified payment dates excluding any delays in addition to the agreed upon down payment.

Murabaha Product

The purchase of a car in monthly installments through the bank which is directly registered in the customer’s name, provided the full amount is paid off in a period that does not exceed 60 months

Transfer of Contract

A program that allows customers to transfer their contract/ vehicle to another customer as per the credit terms and conditions set and approved by the bank.

Car Showrooms

Drive away in the car of your dreams

Al Rajhi Bank has 11 showrooms at different locations around the Kingdom, displaying a wide collection of cars, and offering financing through installment and lease options.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, they are all in accordance with the Shariah law committee.
  1. adhering to the principles of Shariah laws
  2. immediate approval
  3. various financing options
  4. Having a first-degree relative as a possible guarantor
  5. Multiple solutions compliant for deferent real easts
  6. For employees of governmental sector, private sector, banking sector, and retired individuals.
At the time of the last financing loan payment, the financing maximum is 45 years.
  1. Vila
  2. Apartments
  3. Duplex
  4. Residential housing
  5. Land
  6. Private resort (estraha)
  1. 10% for the initial home
  2. 30% for the second home
Depending on the nature of the financing agreement, the ownership of the property is transferred to the customer with the mortgage of the deed in favor of the bank in the case of the Murabaha formula, and in the case of leasing, the title of the deed is transferred in favor of the bank until the last installment of the debt is paid.
Yes, but only in accordance with the rules and guidelines for early payments.
Yes, if it stays within the required program percentage.
No, because the real estate program is designed to only accept monthly payments.
The customer is regarded as exempt according to the insurance policy coverage in the event of death or total disability (God forbid). Additionally, in accordance with the terms and circumstances, the client will get compensation if, God forbid, the house is damaged.
Up to 5,000,000 Saudi Riyals in finance is the maximum amount that can be offered.
No, although the customer may receive a bigger sum in exchange for the Ministry's/Real Estate Devolvement Fund's support of the profits on a financing amount up to 500,000 Riyals. Depending on the terms of the fund/ministry, the support may reach 100%.
Based on the permission of the Fund and the Ministry, the support coverage of financing earnings, or a portion of it, is based on the monthly income and the number of family members.
Yes, retired people are eligible for financing, however it depends on their insurance coverage.